“Scaling Innovation To Create Winners: Lessons from Silicon Valley”

In a world where disruptive innovations are popping up daily, companies have a hard time keeping pace. Attributes that make companies successful – a strong focus on existing customers, incentives tied to existing business models, operational efficiency, and growth – also make searching for and scaling business opportunities in new and fast-changing markets difficult.

What if a company could learn to systematically and repeatably increase its speed of innovation (to keep up with rapid change) and scale its innovation process (to find the winners among many opportunities)?

At UC Berkeley, Andre Marquis and his team built a scalable, global infrastructure to deliver leading-edge, hands-on training to hundreds of teams and thousands of entrepreneurs and corporate innovators and their Faculty and mentors, including Intel, HP, Caterpillar and now BOSCH.

We invite you to meet  Andre Marquis, Executive Director of the Innovation Acceleration Group at the Haas School of Business at the University of California Berkeley

Andre will talk how mid-sized and large companies can learn to leverage lean startup principles to increase their own speed of innovation to:

  • Systematically embrace Open Innovation by working with startups and bringing in external innovation to drive internal success
  • Leverage the lean startup process adapted to corporations and building commercially viable products and rapidly searching for scalable business models using evidence-based testing and face-to-face customer interaction
  • Create a repeatable business process to test dozens to hundreds of business model innovation simultaneously
  • Generate winning businesses and drive culture change

Learn more about how companies like BOSCH in Germany and Intel in Silicon Valley have been driving corporate innovation to “hypershift”  their development of new products with new business models.